How to Convert your Website into an App

Posted on 3. April 2020 by Jan Bunk

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You want to turn your website into an app? Well then you’re in luck, as it’s quite easy and you’re in the right place already. We’ve detailed the process on how to get your own Android or iOS app in just 5 steps below.

1. Go to our Conversion Page

2. Enter the required Information

Enter the URL of your website, i.e. “”. Then just put in a name for your app. Lastly upload an app icon. This will show in many other places too, it’s usually best to use a square image. When you're done with that, click continue.

3. Pick whether you want an iOS or an Android app

Can’t decide? Go for both! Alternatively, here’s a tip: we’ve written an article on the advantages and disadvantages of Android and iOS apps.

4. Select which Add-ons you want

Aside from all the features that are always included in our apps, you can choose from the following Add-ons:

  • Push Notifications are awesome to let your users in on time-limited events, like discounts or sales. This entices them to open your app more often.
  • With Review Reminders your most loyal users get a dialog popup encouraging them to leave positive ratings in the Play Store or App Store. The better your reviews in the store, the more downloads you will get organically.

5. Complete Checkout

Either pay for your App right away or request a free demo first. If you request a demo, we will contact you via e-mail to show you what your app will look like when it’s done and then you can decide if you want to finish your order.

Turn your website into an app now!

Please enter your Website's URL.

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Jan Bunk

Hi, I'm Jan. I have previously developed multiple apps for clients and my own projects, which have been downloaded thousands of times in the app stores. However, I decided I'd rather help out people with smaller budgets. That's why I created, an affordable way to get an app if you already have a website.