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Android & iOS

... incl. Tax

Most Popular

  • Publishable in all Android app stores & the Apple App Store
  • Works on iOS & Android smartphones and tablets
  • Native Android Material & iOS Cupertino Design
  • Optimal market coverage
  • Best price/value option
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... incl. Tax

  • Publishable in all Android app stores
  • Works on Android smartphones and tablets
  • Native Android Material Design
  • Missing out on higher value Apple Customers
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iOS (Apple)

... incl. Tax

  • Publishable in the Apple App Store
  • Works on iPhones and iPads
  • Native iOS Cupertino Design
  • Special website requirements
  • Only covers 13% of the global smartphone market


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Push Notifications

Send unlimited push notifications to all users of your app with our easy to use dashboard. You can also send notifications to individual app users with our API. Push notifications are great to promote special offers or events on your website.

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Review Reminders

Increase the amount of positive reviews you get in the App Stores with our algorithm that asks your active users to rate your app. This greatly improves the number of downloads your app gets.

Enterprise Package Image

Enterprise Package

If your company requires it, we can accomodate custom contracts and data processing agreements with this add-on.

Advanced Support Image

Advanced Support

This add-on is perfect for you if you don't have a lot of time or struggle with computer stuff. Instead of you having to follow our guides, we will handle most of the app store publishing process. You don't need to give us any passwords to your accounts.

Update Existing App Image

Update Existing App

Do you already have an app published in an app store? We can make sure that the new app we create for you gets published as an update to your existing app, so your existing app users receive the update automatically.

You can always enable add-ons later - just contact us.

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