How To: Register for the App Store Connect API

Updated on 22. February 2024 by Jan Bunk

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Open the "Integrations" page in App Store Connect.
Is the App Store Connect website not loading properly for you? A screenshot of the App Store Connect interface where it isn't loading properly.

Usually this issue occurs when you have just created your Apple Developer account. It should start working roughly 2 days after paying the Apple Developer account fee. Apple will also send you an e-mail with the subject "Welcome to App Store Connect".

So please wait 2 days and then try following this guide again. If the issue still persists, you can also try clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If that doesn't help either, please contact Apple's support.

Requesting access to the API

Click "Request Access" to get access to the App Store Connect API.

Click "Request Access".

Tick the checkbox to agree to the terms.

Information about the API terms

Unfortunately the terms for the App Store Connect API are a bit short and vague. They say you may only use the API for internal purposes. We think that your use of to create and upload your app counts as internal purpose. There's lots of other services where you access the App Store Connect API in a similar way for similar purposes, which supports this point of view.

Tick the checkbox to agree to the terms.

Click "Submit"

Click "Submit"

You might have to wait a bit until your request gets approved. You will get an e-mail then. In many cases the approval is instant though.

Click "Generate API Key" or the plus button.

Click "Generate API Key" or the plus button.

Enter API as the key's name.

Select "Admin" in the Access dropdown.

Select "Admin" in the Access dropdown.

Click "Generate".

The following screenshot shows you where you can find your issuer ID and key ID. Enter them in the fields below the screenshot.

Screenshot with the issuer ID and key ID highlighted.

Click "Download API Key". If you can't see the download link, please try reloading the page. If you still can't see the download link afterwards, please create a new API key by following this guide again.

Click "Download API Key".

Click "Download" in the popup.

Upload the downloaded file here. The file name should be something like AuthKey_ABCDE12345.p8

The file upload limit is 100MB.

When you click the button below, your account automatically gets configured to allow us to upload your app. This includes creating the necessary certificates and inviting us to your developer account. You can just continue with the next guide (you will be redirected there when you click the button).

Make sure to click this button, otherwise we won't receive the entered information and you will need to do the steps again.

We will delete the API key file, key ID and issuer ID after publishing your app so we won't be able to access the API on your behalf anymore. After your app is published, you can additionally revoke the API key in App Store Connect to make sure that it can't be used anymore.

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