Frequently Asked Questions

An app comes with better performance, increased brand recognition, offline availability, push notifications and regularly returning visitors to your site.

Yes, your app will always show the current state of your website. Usually there is no need for an app update through the app stores.

As your app is based on your website, it can be created mostly automatically. We will send you the first preview after roughly an hour.

No, we do not give out the source code for the apps we maintain. However, you don't need the code for you and your customers to freely use your app. Instead we give you the finished, compiled app file or directly upload it to the app stores for you. That way you don't have to set up the development environment, which requires installing lots of programs and a MacOS computer for the iOS app.

Yes, the regular back button or back gesture works on Android. On iOS there's the typical iOS back button in the top left of the app when you use the drawer menu layout. If you use the just website layout on iOS, you can navigate back and forth by swiping left and right, like in Safari.

For Android you can either receive the apk and aab file for your app. For publishing in the Apple App Store you can invite us to your developer account (you don't need to share your password for that) and we will upload the app for you there.

Yes, sometimes the Google/Apple app reviewers think there's a problem with the app. Usually these disagreements can be resolved by explaining the app to them though. We have a 99% success rate when it comes to publishing apps in the app stores. If we are unable to get Apple and Google to accept your app, we are happy to give you a refund.

The developer accounts needed to publish an app cost money. Google charges a one-time fee of $25, while Apple charges around $99 per year.

First you will need to create a developer account and invite us to it (you don't need to share your password for that). Afterwards we upload your app to your developer account. Once that's done, you fill in the remaining information like the app description and submit the app for review. Google's or Apple's reviewers will then test the app and make it available in the respective app store. It might sound a bit complicated, but we have detailed guides on every step.

We will always assist you in the publishing process, but can't handle all of it due to Google and Apple's guidelines. We take care of most of the steps and have written detailed guides for everything you need to do.

From our experience it usually takes one to two weeks.

After your app has been published, it can take a few days to weeks until it can be easily found using the search function of the app store. While you can usually find the app after about one day in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store can be slower. We recommend that you write a detailed description for your app to optimize the chances of it being found with the search function. You can always find your app with the direct link to it's app store page. We also provide you an easy way of linking to your app store listings (including a QR code) in your app dashboard.

You can independently distribute your Android app by letting your users download and install the apk file. Something like that is not possible for iOS apps at the moment. If your reason is that you don't want to allow everyone access, see the question below.

Yes, you can either add a login feature to your website or let us password protect your app. That way only users that know the password can use the app. Keep in mind that this feature only offers limited security. A determined attacker could simply find and access your website through the browser instead of the app. The only way to avoid this is by using a login system on your website.

No, your customers will see your or your company's name in the app stores.

If you're on a plan that includes push notifications, you can send a push notification to all users of your app through your dashboard on You can also use our developer API to automatically send notifications, which you can even target to individual users.

We offer a full refund guarantee for 14 days after your first payment. Keep in mind that you also get a 14 day free trial.

You are right, there are other, cheaper, services that turn your website into an app. However, this shows in the quality of the provided app. These apps are usually just browsers that display your website. Such apps don't get accepted into the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, which makes them worthless. The providers know that very well, which is why they don't offer any refunds. We are confident in the quality of our apps, so we offer a 14 day free trial and a 14 day refund guarantee.

Yes! In most cases we generate the navigation menu dynamically based on your website. So your users sees the same navigation entries in the app as they would see on the website. If this is important for your app, please give us some test user accounts so we can make sure it works as it should.

Yes, we can make small changes to how the website is displayed in the app. This is mostly limited to hiding parts of the website though. For example, you might want to link to the App Store listings of your app, but it makes no sense to also show those links in the app, because the user has already downloaded your app then.

By default your app works in both portrait and landscape mode, depending on how the user has turned their device. If your website only works in one orientation, we can make it so your app is always locked into that specific orientation.