Frequently Asked Questions

An app comes with better performance, increased brand recognition, offline availability, push notifications and regularly returning visitors to your site.

No, we do not give out the source code for the apps we maintain. The code remains our intellectual property, however for the time of your subscription you and your customers can freely use your app.

You will get an abb and apk file for your Android app via e-mail. These can be published in the Play Store easily.
For iOS we will send you an ipa file, which you can use to test the app. To publish it in the App Store, you need to add us as a developer to your Apple App Store account, so we can then upload the app.

We will always assist you in the publishing process, but if you want us to handle it completely, just let us know. Please keep in mind that we will have to charge an extra fee for the additional effort. It also entails us (at least temporarily) having full access to your Google Play/App Store account, so make sure you're comfortable with that.

From our experience it usually takes two to seven days.

Please let us know what Add-On you want to add, and we will take care of it!

Just contact us and we will help you or cancel it from our end.

We offer a full refund guarantee for 14 days after you've received your app.

You are right, there are other, cheaper, services that turn your website into an app. However, this shows in the quality of the provided app. These apps are usually just browsers that display your website. Such apps don't get accepted into the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store, which makes them worthless. The providers know that very well, which is why they don't offer any refunds. We are confident in the quality of our apps, so we offer a 14 day full refund guarantee, no questions asked.

This website is operated by me, Jan, and my team. I have previously developed multiple apps for clients and my own projects, which have attracted thousands of downloads in the app stores. However, I decided I'd prefer to help out people with smaller budgets. That's why I created, an affordable way to get an app if you already have a website.