Create an app that's always up to date. Takes 5 minutes and no code.

Turn your website into an app so it maintains itself automatically. We deal with the technical aspects of creating and publishing your app in the app stores.

Design your app in 5 minutes. No payment required before publishing.

Hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of users use apps created by us.

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Push notifications open up a new channel to reach your users.

Increase engagement and retain users by communicating via push notifications. As precise as you want - send a notification to all app users, some groups of users or just individuals.

See how easy it is to send push notifications.
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Make it convenient for your users to view your website. Create an app for them.

Your users carry their phone wherever they go. An app means you're always present and just one click away.

Styled to suit your website and brand.

We add customizable native components to your app to give it the classic app-look. You'll also be able to configure the app icon, launchscreen and more to make sure it complements the design of your website.

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Safety and privacy conscious.

Our apps work no matter what software you use for your website. And you don't even have to give us any passwords for your website! As a german company, we are GDPR compliant and don't collect any personal information about your app users.

You can still analyze how people use your app though! Simply filter out app users in the analytics software you already use on your website. No need to deal with another tool that's hungry for your time and data.

Automate and customize whatever you need.

Want to do even fancier things? Our developer integrations offer the flexibility for it. Detect if the current user is using your app or a browser? No problem. Show or hide content only for app users? Easy. Send push notifications automatically via our API? You bet.

View our developer documentation.
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Customer dissatisfaction? Not an option.

We provide helpful support responses in under 24 hours. No matter what it is, we're happy to help or even handle the step for you. That's how we achieve our 100% app store publishing success rate. Should we be unable to help you, we will refund you of course.

Always up to date.

Your app will always show the current state of your website. No maintenance and especially no coding necessary.

If you still want to manually update your app in the app stores, we will help you with that too. Read more about which changes need an app update in the app stores.

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Special features and bulk discounts available for resellers.

Provide additional value to your clients by turning their website into an app. Tap into additional upsale opportunities all without having to code or continuously maintain your clients' apps.

Learn more about our white label reseller program.

How it works.

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Design your app in 5 minutes. No payment required before publishing.

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