Create an app that's always up to date. Takes 5 minutes and no code.

Turn your website into an app so it maintains itself automatically. We deal with the technical aspects of creating and publishing your app in the app stores.

Design your app for free in 5 minutes.

Hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of users use apps created by us.

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From cooking blog over political party to e-commerce giant - all kinds of organizations use View Examples

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Always up to date.

You can edit and add new pages, your app will always show the current state of your website. No maintenance and especially no coding necessary.

Push notifications open up a new channel to reach your users.

Increase engagement and retain users by communicating via push notifications. As precise as you want - send a notification to all app users, some groups of users or just individuals.

See how easy it is to send push notifications.
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Examples & Reviews

“From the first moment on everything was highly professional and wishes were easily implemented. We would like to thank you once again and can recommend without reservation.”

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Make it convenient for your users to view your website. Create an app for them.

Your users carry their phone wherever they go. An app means your website is always present and just one click away. Read about more ways that an app increases user engagement and retention.

Make your website an app.

Design your app for free in 5 minutes.

Safety and privacy conscious.

Our apps work no matter what software you use for your website. And you don't even have to give us any passwords for your website! As a german company, we are GDPR compliant and don't collect any personal information about your app users.

You can still analyze how people use your app though! Simply filter out app users in the analytics software you already use on your website. No need to deal with another tool that's hungry for your time and data.

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Special features and bulk discounts available for resellers.

Do you run an agency and make apps for your clients' websites? Tap into additional upsale opportunities without having to code or continuously maintain your clients' apps.

Learn more about our white label reseller program.
Examples & Reviews

“We are very satisfied with the entire cooperation from beginning to completion including the placement of the app in the stores. An excellent product at an absolutely fair price.”

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Guaranteed Satisfaction Through Experience.

We've turned hundreds of websites into apps over the years. With this experience we can handle all the technical app creation steps and guide you through the app publishing process.

Try out our 30 day free trial offer and see for yourself!

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How it works.

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Automate and customize whatever you need.

Want to do even fancier things? Our developer integrations offer the flexibility for it. Detect if the current user is using your app or a browser? No problem. Show or hide content only for app users? Easy. Send push notifications automatically via our API? You bet.

View our developer documentation.

Styled to suit your website and brand.

We add customizable native components to your app to give it the classic app-look. You'll also be able to configure the app icon, launchscreen and more to make sure it complements the design of your website.

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Examples & Reviews

“ offers quite the great product! They guided us through the nearly insurmountable hurdles to publishing the app in the app stores with very personal support. In the end, the feeling remains that without, this could never have been achieved! Great job! Just unbelievably good!”

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Increase trust in your business with an app.

Only 0.3% of websites also have a mobile app. By becoming part to this exclusive group, your business immediately looks more professional and gains trust in the eyes of customers and partners.

Make your website an app.

Design your app for free in 5 minutes.

Free app updates at any time.

Website changes immediately show up in your app. Changes to special parts of your app, like the app icon or app name, require an app update in the app stores. You can create and publish these at any time at no extra cost. Read more about which changes need an app update in the app stores.

Do you already have an app created by someone else and want to replace it with a app? We can publish your new app as an update so your existing users get the new app automatically.

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Illustration showing a mobile app based on a URL on multiple devices

Seamless transition from website to app.

Our apps support both Deep Links and App Links. Deep Links allow you to create URLs that will always be opened in your app. App Links make it so that links to your website get opened in the app if the user has installed it. Otherwise the link can be opened in the browser as usual. Read more about creating Deep Links and App Links

Examples & Reviews

“I've rarely seen such a competent, fast and reliable team of service providers. You are great, and thank you very much again! At you are in really good hands. And very fair as far as the prices are concerned!”

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Works on 99% of Android & iOS devices.

We don't like that old devices become obsolete just because they can't run new software. We develop our apps in such a way that they run on 99% of smartphones and tablets. This includes, for example, an iPhone 5s from 2013.

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Make your website an app.

Design your app for free in 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about apps based on websites. There's also a more extensive FAQ about

Can you turn a website into an app?

Yes, you can convert any website into an app for Android and iOS. There are multiple companies offering such a service. One of those is, who let you create an app from your site and then publish it in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I convert a website to an app for free?

Yes, creating an app for your homepage with is free. Once you want us to prepare a preview of your finished app so you can check it out and then publish it in the app stores, you need to start your free trial of a paid plan. This is a lot quicker than the only completely free option: coding an app yourself. So in the end it's the best price/value option for small businesses.

How much does it cost to convert a website to an app?

Services that make your website an app range from free to very expensive. Free website app creators are not recommendable, since you'll need highly technical knowledge to use these and get no support. sits in a good middle ground where you get an easy to use product with support but it's still affordable.

How do I convert my website to an app?

You can create an app based on your website for Android and iOS in just a few steps. Simply enter the URL you want to turn into an app and choose an app name. Afterwards you will be able to choose an app icon and some colors for your app. After a couple more settings your app will be ready.

Can a website also be an app?

Yes, a website can also be an app. That's called a website wrapper app. This is usually achieved by using the Android and iOS WebView technology. Such an app can be created with That way the app has more features than the website, for example push notifications.

How long does it take to convert a website to a mobile app?

Our average user creates his app in just 4 minutes. Publishing the Android app in the Google Play Store usually takes around 5 days. In the Apple App Store it takes around a week for an iOS app to be reviewed multiple times until it is accepted.

Why create an app instead of a website?

Businesses should offer both a website and an app. When you package your website as an app, you can add new features such as push notifications. Aside from that, an app is quicker and more convenient to access for the user. Additionally, having an app increases trust in the business.

Can I develop my own app without coding?

Yes, app builders like allow anyone to transform websites into apps without coding. As a user, you need no special knowledge, since takes care of everything technical. There are excellent guides that lead you through everything. If in doubt, the support will help you out.