We turn your website into an app for Android and iOS.

Converting a website to an app has never been this easy. We handle all the technical aspects of creating and publishing your app in the app stores.

Design your app in 5 minutes. No payment required before publishing.

Who is it for?

All kinds of organizations choose webtoapp.design to achieve amazing results:

... and many more, including online shops, brick & mortar stores, political parties & non-profits.

Get more traffic and sales by turning your website into an app.

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Convince Customers and Business Partners

Less than 0.3% of websites have an app to go along with it. Having an app immediately makes your business stand out, look more professional and gain trust.

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Increase Engagement

An app makes your website quicker, easier and more convenient to use. This entices users to spend more time on your app and website.

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Retain Your Users

An app increases your brand awareness, which, along with push notifications, will improve your user retention.

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Make Your Website More Discoverable

We help you publish your app in the app stores, where it can be found by new users. Additionally, your website gets some strong backlinks from the app stores, which help it rank better in search engines.

A screenshot of the Akapola mobile app created by converting their website into an app

Akapola is a soccer academy in the german city Stuttgart.

“The customer service is very reliable and responsive, you always feel like you are in good hands. They're also not afraid to go the extra mile until all customer requirements are met and the app is in the app store. I can recommend webtoapp.design with a clear conscience!”

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Don't worry about the code.

You won't have to write any code to create an app for your website with webtoapp.design. You also won't need to set up a development environment to compile your app yourself, which would require a MacOS computer and a lot of software. We handle all of this to spare your time and nerves.

webtoapp.design turns your website into an app as a no-code solution

Our App Publishing Assistance

Publishing an app can be complicated and time-intensive - not with our help! Here's what you get from us for free along with your app:

  • Easy to follow illustrated guides that lead you through publishing your app in all the popular app stores
  • All necessary image assets (app icon in the correct format, screenshots from 6 different devices & more)
  • Quick help and support with the app stores' app review processes and anything else related to your app
  • So far we've managed to publish every single customer's app. If we can't for some reason - use our 60 day full refund guarantee
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These features are included with every website to app conversion. You can read more about them here.

Create an app for your website instead of starting from scratch.

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Works With All Websites

We can turn Wordpress, Shopify, Wix and any other websites into an app. The only requirement is that the website works well on mobile devices.

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No Website Access Needed

We don't need access to your website, database or anything else. You don't need to give us any passwords or login details.

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Always Up to Date

Your app always automatically shows the current version of your website - no app update needed. That way you avoid additional costs from maintaining both your website and app.

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Fast Development

Because your app is based on your website, the development takes just 1-3 days. Publishing it in the app stores usually takes around one to two weeks (mostly because of app review wait times).

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Save Time and Money

We directly pass all these savings on to you. It's not uncommon that our service is over 90% cheaper than comparable app development that does not re-use your website.

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Replace Your Existing App

Do you already have an app made by someone else, but aren't happy with it? Don't want to keep updating it every time your website changes? We can publish your new app as an update, so your existing users automatically get the new app version.

Optional Add-ons

You can add any combination of these features at a small extra cost.

What are you waiting for?

Design your app in 5 minutes. No payment required before publishing.

Or contact us with any of your questions.

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