How to Set Up Your App's App Store Listing

Updated on 21. April 2023 by Jan Bunk

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Open the App Store Connect app overview.

Select your app.

First Page

Fill the information on this first page. When in doubt, click the question mark next to the input field for an explanation.

General App Information

You can use your or your company's name in the copyright section. You don't need to mention

Ignore the fields "Routing App Coverage File" and "Game Center".

Review Information

If parts of your app can't be used without logging into a user account, please provide a test account to the app reviewers. If you configured your app to be password protected, you will also need to give them the password. You can change these passwords after the app has been reviewed.

For the contact information, please either input my information or consult with me before answering their questions (if they call you, say you need to clarify with your developer). This way we can avoid common mistakes and speed up the review process.

My information:

Remember to save your entered information.

App Information

Make sure you keep the App Store Guidelines in mind while filling out the information below.

Click 'App Information'

Click 'App Information'

Enter a subtitle.

Configure the content rights information based on whether your website uses content that requires special rights to use.

Configure the age rating for your app. When asked whether your app contains unrestricted internet access, pick "No, this app does not include unrestricted internet access.".

Remember to configure the age rating for your app.

Select an app category.

Remember to save your entered information.

Pricing and Availability

Click 'Pricing and Availability'

Click 'Pricing and Availability'

Select a price for your app.

Select where you want your app to be available.

Remember to save your entered information.

App Privacy

Go to 'App Privacy'

Go to 'App Privacy'

Enter the privacy policy URL from your website.

Enter the privacy policy URL from your website.

Start the questionnaire and click 'Yes, we collect data from this app'

Select any data you collect from your website users. Also select "Crash Data". When asked to further specify how crash data is used, select "App Functionality", "not linked to the user's identity" and "No, we do not use crash data for tracking purposes".

When you're asked if you use the collected information for tracking purposes, keep in mind that Apple's definition of tracking is that you use the information to track users across other companies' websites and apps, which usually only applies to advertising companies like Google & Facebook.

Depending on your selection you might also have to fill in some information below:

Configure additional options below

Click 'Publish' at the top right to save your privacy information.

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