Granting us Access to Your Google Developer Account for Support

Updated on 8. May 2024 by Jan Bunk

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You are not logged in. This guide can only be completed if you have converted your website into an app with
This guide is part of the app publishing process. You should only complete it when asked to in the app publishing timeline.

Inviting us to your developer account allows us to help you with many steps of the Play Store publishing steps.

This guide is also useful in case you encounter any issues in your Google Developer account. By inviting us to it, we can take a look around and help you resolve the problems.

Open the "Users and permissions" page in the Google Play Console.

Click "Invite new users"

Click "Invite new users"

If you can't see the button, it might be hidden in the three dot menu.

Click "Invite new users"

Enter our Google account email in the e-mail address field: team@....................

Set the access expiry date to 2 months in the future:

Set an access expiry date roughly 2 months in the future.

On the "Account permissions" tab, tick the "Admin" checkbox.

On the "Account permissions" tab, tick the "Admin" checkbox.

Click "Invite user" at the bottom right and confirm it in the popup.

Click "Invite user" at the bottom right and confirm it in the popup.

Once your app is published or your problem is resolved, you can revoke our access to your account of course.

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