Filling in the Information to Get Your App Published in Amazon's App Store

Updated on 6. April 2023 by Jan Bunk

Image with text: Publishing Your App in the Amazon App Store
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This guide is part of the app publishing process. You should only complete it when asked to in the app publishing timeline.

Open the Amazon Developer registration page.

Click "Create Developer Account"


Enter the necessary information to register an account. Afterwards, click "My Apps" under "Apps & Services" at the top of the page.


Click "Add New App" and select Android.


Enter the name of your app, the category and company and contact information.

Enter the name of your app, the category and company and contact information.

Click "Save"


Now just work through all the tabs until they all have the green check. You can find tips for each section below.

Now just work through all the tabs until they all have the green check. Please read the section below first though, as it contains useful tips and files you will need.
Don't forget to click the "Save" button at the bottom right on every section, otherwise your input won't be saved.
  1. General Information
    • You can leave the App SKU field empty.
  2. Availability & Pricing
    • You can leave the publishind date field empty to publish the app as soon as possible.
  3. Description
    • For the "Product feature bullets" list features of your website, one per line.
  4. Images & Multimedia
  5. Content Rating
    • For the target audience, simply pick the age of your typical user.
    • Don't forget to enter your website's privacy policy at the bottom.
  6. APK Files
    • Keep "Apply Amazon DRM" disabled.
    • Download the .apk file for your app and upload it to Amazon.
    • For "Language Support" select the languages your website supports.
    • If parts of your app can't be used without logging into a user account, please provide a test account to the app reviewers. If you configured your app to be password protected, you will also need to give them the password. You can change these passwords after the app has been reviewed.
    • Tick the "Export Compliance" checkbox. More information on export compliance
    • Most likely you don't need the "Amazon Maps Redirection" even if your website uses Google maps.

Click "Submit App" at the top right.


That's it, now you just need to wait for Amazon to review your app and then it will get published. It usually takes just a few days.

Want to publish your app in other app stores too? Check out our app store overview that links to all our app publishing guides.

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