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Updated on 15. August 2021 by Jan Bunk

Image with text: Generating Keys & Signing Your App Yourself

For maximum security and flexibility we can provide our enterprise customers unsigned versions of their Android app, so they can sign them themselves.

This guide requires some technical proficiency to install the necessary programs and use the commandline. If it's too complex, we can also sign the app regularly ourselves and send you the keys afterwards.


  • jarsigner
    This is included with the Java Developer Kit (JDK), but not the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You can easily find and install recent versions of the JDK using AdoptOpenJDK
  • keytool
    Also included in the JDK.

Generating Keys

If you don't have any signing keys yet, you can generate them like this.

keytool -genkey -noprompt -v -keystore {key_file_name}.jks -storetype JKS -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 99999 -alias {key_alias} -dname "OU=IT, O={organization}" -storepass {storepass} -keypass {keypass}
  • key_file_name
    Example: key0

    You can use any name for the key file. Preferably only use ASCII characters and digits though to be safe.

  • key_alias
    Example: key0

    You can use any alias, I usually keep it simple by naming it the same as the key file. Preferably only use ASCII characters and digits though to be safe.

  • organization

    The name of your company.

  • storepass
    Example: LWRrjdrnXW1NSYzUDLHkaa5uCesmELE

    A secure password for your keystore.

  • keypass
    Example: SYspVNgpUbintxdZrlKPx3vfYBvP7wd

    A secure password for your key

Signing an Unsigned Appbundle

jarsigner -sigalg SHA256withRSA -digestalg SHA-256 -keystore {key_file_name}.jks -keypass {keypass} -storepass {storepass} {bundle_name}.aab {key_alias}

Most variables here are from the previous step.

  • bundle_name
    Example: app-release

    The file name of the unsigned app bundle we sent you.

    Don't have your app bundle yet? Download your app bundle here

You can verify the signature with the following command. You can ignore the warning that you used a self-signed certificate.

jarsigner -verify {bundle_name}.aab

Uploading the Appbundle

You can just continue with the regular Android app publishing guide.

When you get to the app uploading section, just upload the app bundle you just signed.

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