How We Decide Which Features to Build

Posted on 29. October 2022 by Jan Bunk

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We have a backlog of features we want to add to our website and the apps we create. It's basically a very large todo list.

As any other business we have limited resources that we need to focus on the most important task. That's the only way we can ensure the long-term success of the company, which our team members depend on for their income and our customers depend on so their apps continue working.

How do you Prioritize Your Backlog?

Fixing issues that break apps or that inhibit the publishing of apps are always our top priority, so we can usually resolve them immediately or in a few days, depending on how much work it is.

After that, we prioritize by how many customers requested a certain feature or by how many app users would be impacted by it. That's because if a feature is used by many customers, the constant amount of development effort has the most effect.

How Long Does It Take You To Add a Feature?

We get a lot of feature requests from our customers, which we appreciate a lot. At the same time, that means that we currently have around 400 tasks in our backlog. Because of that it can take quite a while until we can start working on certain tasks.

Once we can start working on a feature, the time taken depends on its complexity of course.

Can You Prioritize My Feature Request?

We understand that some features might not have the necessary general impact and interest from other customers, but can still be very important for your app. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we still want to offer a solution in this case. Of course it also needs to be fair to all other customers, so it shouldn't take resources away from them.

To fulfill these requirements, we offer custom feature development at an hourly rate of 95€ including tax. This covers our developer costs, so we can hire additional development capacity for these cases.

If you are interested in such an arrangement, please contact us.

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