The Benefits of Push Notifications for Business Owners

Updated on 27. October 2022 by Jan Bunk

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Push notifications have various benefits for growing businesses, making your business app a central database hub for marketing, where a pop-up notification will capture the eye of your users. We have highlighted the key aspects and advantages of this profound tool that will spur your business confidence and would help set future targets.

Push notifications boost communication with your customers, are an ideal way to retain existing users and also encourage sales. The following benefits could improve your chances of getting one step closer to your business goals:

Stimulate User Engagement

Invespocro suggests that push notifications can increase engagement rates by 88%. With push notifications enabled, around 65% of users tend to open the app again within 30 days. With this increased user engagement you’ll simultaneously improve your key performance metrics, as more engagement leads to more time spent on your app which in turn leads to more sales.

Increase Conversion Rates

Through push notifications businesses can easily optimize their conversion funnel, it lays out a blueprint to attract potential customers. The notifications would allow you to cater to different needs of various customers as notifications are sent in real-time without having access to their email addresses or other personal information. Timely notifications tend to trigger a greater response from the users and instills a sense of urgency to take action to new promotions and deals. This is a great solution for businesses that are exposed to consumers who are accustomed to e-commerce problems such as cart abandonment.

Retain and Re-Engage existing Users

Businesses can also re-engage their existing users who have your app installed but rarely open it. Push notifications are a great way to remind them about your business and services! Since push notifications are a more intimate and frictionless (1 click to open the app) way to communicate than, let’s say, engaging via email newsletters, you can expect better results. These results could be noticed in the form of improved click-through rates and other metrics. So not only is sending a simple push notification easier than crafting an e-mail newsletter, but it is also more effective!

Send quick Reminders

A user abandoned their card? Send a Notification! A user received a new message? Send a Notification! The possibilities are literally endless.

Run Targeted Campaigns

Personalized notifications yield an 11 times higher return on investment. You can easily reach out to a niche segment of your users. For example you can group them by geographical regions and their languages. That way you can send them a push notification at the right time of day in their mother tongue. All in all you can give your customers a way better experience that you could never achieve with email newsletters.

Track Metrics and Gather Data

Aside from all of these potential applications of push notifications you can also use them for data analysis. You can easily find out how many of your users clicked a notification, how many received it, how many sales did that notification result in, and more. All of these analytics will allow you to take a more data-driven approach to growing your business.


To put it all in a nutshell, push notifications for your mobile app can save you tons of time, give you valuable insights and make your business more profitable. With all of these benefits stated it should be clear that push notifications will be worth it for your app. So go ahead and enable them, it’s just 1 click!

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