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Updated on 12. November 2021 by Jan Bunk

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One thing that you may notice when browsing certain websites is popups and banners that request you to download their app. It is common to see the words "Have You Tried Our App" pop up frequently on a daily basis. You may have glanced across this and not thought much about it, or you may have spotted a trend that led you to wonder why websites are seemingly so dedicated to pushing their apps. In this article, we will explain the key benefits that websites gain from visitors downloading their apps.

User Experience

Websites push apps because they provide a superior user experience. An application allows a company to freely select features that benefit their visitors. These features may be more limited when compared to a browser experience. Therefore, companies are keen for their visitors to get the authentic experience users can find on an app. The responsiveness and overall experience tend to be far superior on an application. An app can take full advantage of the capabilities of your smartphone.

Controlled Environment

If you access an article from the New York Times from Reddit or through a Google result, you will likely go to another website or app once you have finished viewing it. In contrast, if you view the content on the app, you will face more options once you are done viewing. You are more likely to stay on an app than you are to stay on a website page. Companies want users to spend as much time as possible browsing their content. The process of purchasing a product from the company is also far more streamlined and straightforward through an app. Through a website, there would usually be a lengthy order form that requires personal and payment details. An app allows this purchase to take place directly and in a more convenient manner.

Push Notifications

Another direct advantage of mobile applications comes in the form of push notifications. These notifications are delivered directly to the user at a place where they can't ignore it easily. This delivery of notifications means that it is harder for a user to forget about a company. A company can send possible discounts or other incentives that make users reaccess the app. In contrast, a website can collect an email address, but a mailing list does not carry the same weight as a mobile push notification.

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Advertisers prefer apps because they provide more information about a user’s habits. This information is more valuable than the one which would have been obtained simply from browsing. The number of app downloads also tends to be a more reliable figure for a fanbase than views or clicks on a web page. Most companies make a fair share of income from advertising, and therefore it is in their best interest to offer the best solution for advertisers.

Closing Thoughts

It should now be much more apparent to you as to why websites are so insistent on pushing their mobile applications. There are clear benefits for them, and in future years, the importance of apps will continue to rise due to increased smartphone ownership and usage. Apps offer superior user experience, and they take up key smartphone space that makes it more likely for a user to return. Therefore, it is clear that there is a huge incentive for most companies to redirect mobile traffic to app downloads.

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