Differentiating Between Website and App Issues

Posted on 20. July 2021 by Jan Bunk

Image with text: Differentiating Between Website and App Issues

Most likely you're here because you or your users found an issue in your app. Sorry about that! Let's see how we can get it fixed as soon as possible.

First, we need to figure out whether the issue is actually a problem of the app, or a problem of the website. Why? Because we can only fix it if it's an issue with the app. If it's an issue with your website, you can fix it yourself by resolving the issue on your website. The issue will be gone from the app as soon as you change your website.


Browser on Device

Is the issue occurring in the app on your device? Then you can use this very easy method. Simply open the browser app on your device (preferably Google Chrome on Android and Safari on Apple devices) and open your website. Now simply see if you can get the issue to appear like it did in the app.

If the issue appears, it's a problem with your website - we can't help you with it unfortunately. If the issue doesn't appear, please report it.

Browser Window

Use the browser on your computer (preferably Google Chrome if the issue was occurring on Android and Safari if it occurred on iOS devices) and put it in window mode. Now resize it to a size similar to that of the device the issue occurred on.

An animation of resizing the browser window

Now, like in the first method, open your website and check if you can get the issue to appear.

If the issue appears, it's a problem with your website - we can't help you with it unfortunately. If the issue doesn't appear, please report it.

Browser Screen Size Test Mode

This is a more precise version of the browser window method. Again open the browser on your computer. Then open the developer menu by pressing one of the following key combinations:

  • ⌘ + ⌥ + I
  • Ctrl + Shift + I
  • F12

Now click the device icon in the menu that just opened.

The device icon

Either select the device model the issue occurs on at the top of the screen or look up the devices dimensions on the internet and enter them yourself.

The menu where you can enter the device size

After that you can view what your website looks like on that specific screen size. So, like in the previous methods, check if the issue occurs like that.

If the issue appears, it's a problem with your website - we can't help you with it unfortunately. If the issue doesn't appear, please report it.

Reporting an App Issue

So you found a rare app issue after all! It helps us out a lot if you let us know how we can reproduce it - that means how we can get the issue to appear on our own devices. We need to be able to reproduce the problem to take a look at the problem ourselves and to check if we managed to fix it after changing the app's code. Without being able to reproduce the issue, it's almost impossible to fix it.

Therefore, please send us all the following information when you want to report an issue:

  • Device the issue occurs on, for example: iPad Pro 4th Generation
  • Exact steps to make the issue occur, for example:
    1. Open the app
    2. Click the login button in the drawer menu
    3. Lock the screen
    4. Unlock the device again
    5. Now the issue appears: the user can't log in, because the login form is invisible.
    Alternatively, you can also send us a video of you doing these steps (preferably a camera recording instead of a screen recording, so we can see where you are tapping). This can be especially helpful because some issues might only occur when doing the steps at a certain speed.

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