How To: Resell a White Label App

Updated on 17. February 2022 by Jan Bunk

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Handling Accounts

If you want to let your customer send push notifications and make changes to their app themselves without asking you to handle it, you need to somehow give them access to a account that has access to their app.

The account that initially creates and configures the app is seen as the app's main owner and is also the one who receives the payment receipt and other notifications from via email. As a reseller, this should therefore be your account.

As a reseller you can grant additional accounts access to apps that were created in your account. How To: Add an Additional User to Your App

Before granting access, you or the customer needs to create the account though. If you don't want to send them to the website to sign up, you can register an account for them (you can use the customer's email address, we will not send any emails to the email address just because it registered an account). Afterwards grant the new account access to the app and give your customer the login details to the account.

Afterwards, they can manage their app either by logging in on or on the embedded dashboard on your website (see next section).

Dashboard Embedding

You can embed the app dashboard on your website so your customers can use it there to send push notifications, customize their app, etc. They need to log in with their account just like on the regular website.

  • View this page in the language that your website uses. That way the below embedding code includes the correct URL and the embedded dashboard will use the same language.
  • You can change the width and height parameters on the iframe as you'd like of course.

<iframe src="" style="border: 0" width="100%" height="600px"></iframe>

App Store Publishing

It's up to you if you want to add additional value by helping your customers publish their apps in the app store. We have written extensive guides that make it relatively easy to publish an app. So you can either let your customers follow those guides themselves or you can handle that for them.

Letting Customers Do It

You can either link your customers to the guides on our website or embed them with an iframe, like with the dashboard.

Alternatively, you could also repost our guides on your website, but in that case you must regularly update the guides and make sure the page does not get indexed by search engines, so our websites don't get punished for duplicate content. Also please ask for permission beforehand.

Handling it for Your Customers

Google Play Store

Your customer can invite you as an administrator to their Google Developer account. Afterwards you should be able to follow all the steps outlined in our guides on behalf of your customer.

Apple App Store

Unfortunately some actions in App Store Connect are limited and can only be completed by the account owner. Examples of such actions are:

  • Creating API keys (necessary to let automatically handle most steps)
  • Creating a push notification key

Some of these actions may be possible for you to do if your customer registered an organizational developer account (only possible if they run a limited liability company or similar) and invited you as an administrator.

The only way to get full access to your customers account is by them giving you the login details (keep 2 factor authentication in mind), or by you performing the steps on their computer after they logged in. If you're serving customers that are not local to you, you could access their computer using a remote software such as Teamviewer or AnyDesk.

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