How (and Why) You Must Offer Account Deletion in Your App

Updated on 28. July 2023 by Jan Bunk

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Why You Need to Offer Account Deletion

When you submit your app to the Apple App Store, it will be reviewed to make sure it complies with the App Store review guidelines.

One of those guidelines is this:

“If your app supports account creation, you must also offer account deletion within the app.“

Google has a similar guideline for the Google Play Store, but they are not very strict with enforcing it.

How to Offer Account Deletion

For apps based on websites the best solution is to create an account deletion feature on your website. That way it will work identically in your app. If that's not possible (or would delay your app release) don't worry! We have an alternative solution.

You can enable the app-based account deletion feature in your app customization dashboard.

Afterwards, your users can request account deletion inside the app settings.

Are you using an app layout that doesn't have a direct way to open the app settings?

You can also open the app settings via JavaScript, using this function: showSettingsPage()

You might want to check out the executeWhenAppReady() function of our app helper script. It ensures that your website doesn't try to interact with the app before it's ready or when your website is loaded using a regular browser (ReferenceError, function is not defined).

How the App's Account Deletion Feature Works

Your users will be able to enter their e-mail/username and any other information they want to send along with the account deletion request. As soon as we receive a request, we forward it to you via e-mail.

When you receive such an e-mail from us, you should contact the user that requested account deletion to confirm it. You need to do this because theoretically any user can request deletion of any account, since the app can't check which user is currently logged in.

How it Looks in the App

Here are some screenshots of the app deletion feature inside the app settings.

A screenshot of the app settings showing the delete data card. A screenshot of the screen where users can enter their e-mail address to request account deletion.

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